Sale items This Weekend

On Sale this weekend is both a new release and a fav,both outfits are under 100L a piece, The New Release of **BE** Unzipped is a short unzipped black mini with matching stockings a must have in party wear(This is in the LOW sale going on and, Then **BE** Off My Plaid is a great jeans and plaid shirt combonation, complete with sheer sculpted sleeves (this is in the 59L/59hour sale.

New Release **BE** Luna

This is a sexy little shorts set ehich includes white linen shorts w/ prim buckle, a cute peasant style short top with ruffled sleeves and even the cordinating flats are included,
included is the syle card and a note a bout the cute lil prim buckle.

Pink For a Day

April 14th is SL's first official Pink Shirt Day. Pink Shirt Day is a smaller movement that began in Canada when a boy was bullied for wearing a pink shirt to school. Tomorrow we join together against bullying, and we do so under the banner of Pink Shirt Day. I have created this S on my chest pink Tshirt to show we are stronger than those bullys

I decided I needed to blog to tell everyone about the latest happenings at ButterFly EffectZ, I am introducing my Latest release **BE** Attraction, a sexy must have faded and ripped low rise skinny jeans with a sheer orange top, I have also created my first pair of boots that match well with this outfit see for yourself.