New Stuffs For you

Hi everyone happy Sunday, my last day of rl vacation sad face :( , But I have created some cute n stylish things to sure to give you a big :) , A simple yet stylish **BE** Sparkles a strappless mini in 4 fun colors

Its Summer, time for those shorts heres **BE** Dottie a cute pink polka dot outfit with high waisted shorty style shorts, and cordinating flats

A Plaid Vest and low rise jeans set, simple but attention grabbing the **BE** Toni is for you

Happy Fathers day!!

Happy Fathers day everyone!! What better way to make his fathers day then with one of the Xtra special sexy outfits, first is the naughty lil school girl inspired outfit known as the **BE** Xtra Credit hot lil pink plaid outfit with thigh highs, garters and those cute pink school girl shoes.

Then We have **BE** Xenia a summery lil outfit, Jean high waisted capris with a lilac sparkly enhanced wrap style top, funly purple n denim boots are included

Ooo Lala.. its Paris

Ooo Lala says it all for this shorts style catsuit, strapless, with sculpted buckle and cordinating boots, comes in choice of 4 summery colors

Summertime is Here @ Butterfly EffectZ

omg 3 sexy bikinis with matching wrap, come see for yourself, All the hair is from Simply Britnee