New Loyalty System for you in store now!

We have recently have updated our store so that we can show appreciation  to our loyal customers!! By wearing one of our store cards and follow the easy instructions , you will earn store credit towards future purchase, at any time  you can check your balance at the ATM located at the main store entrance! and doesn't matter if you loose your store card and get a new one( next to the ATM) your credits are stored on our web based system so that no matter how many times you loose or change cards your credit is never lost! (PS I am known to give random credit to any one of my loyal shoppers for no reason)

New Shoes Going on!!

These Sequined boots come all 4 pair for one low price which is even 100l lower if you purchase wearing your group tag now how much fun is that!!!


An Update on THe Fun stuff we have for you

Ok yes I know I know its been too long since I posted my releases so  here we go some sexy new fashion & fun for your feet as  well