Butterfly Effectz - Eye Poppin' Pink

This eye catching "Eye Poppin'" outfit has just been released by Butterfly Effectz - featuring the top, high waist shorts and socks as pictured, I teamed them up with a pair of boots from Butterfly Effectz too - Pixel Fashion nails in pink, the classic Envoy bracelets from Digital Dragon Design and necklace from Mandala completed my look, with hair from Dernier Cri, Ikon eyes & Belleza Chloe skin, worn on Sophistishapes "Lizzy" shape.

LadyCatherine has done a lovely job with the textures to this - look for "Eye Poppin'" in Pink, Blue, Black & White in store now.  

The original, and the best - Butterfly Effectz 

Found on Flickr

I found these beautiful shots by Corina Carlberg on flickr - she's wearing the Tahari outfit, and making it look absolutely stunning.  You can find Tahari in store at The original, and the best - Butterfly Effectz 

ButterFly EffectZ Fashions #2
ButterFly EffectZ Fashions #2, a photo by Corina Carlberg on Flickr. 

Add your images to the Butterfly Effectz Fashion flickr group - we may feature them in the blog or in store, and I'll make sure there are some rewards involved for participants :)


P.S. You can find Corina's blog Via Flickr: slfashionjourney.blogspot.com/2010/12/butterfly-effectz.html

Link to the store: The original, and the best - Butterfly Effectz

Butterfly Effectz Strapped Boots

BE Strapped by Jessica Pennent
BE Strapped, a photo by Jessica Pennent on Flickr.
These boots rapidly became one of my most favouritest of styles in SL - with rich, luscious colours, finely detailed shading & textures, and an eminently affordable price, they're a must have for any wardrobe.

be strapped boots only

Grab a pair now - link to the store:
The original, and the best - Butterfly Effectz